Casey Ramsey - Back-Up Vocalist

My name is Casey Ramsey. I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC and I have been singing since a very young age. I have performed throughout my school years and into college years with local bands since 1996. I first met Stephen Freeman in a summer performance at the Barn Dinner Theater where we both made our debut in "An Evening with the Stars" in 2001. I knew then that he was something incredible and I have been honored to sing with him over the years and the Echos of a Legend Show Band. My favorite part about performing with everyone in the group is the fact that we are all out to have a good time but also entertaining and professional,. Most of all over the years, I feel that all of them have become my close friends and what I like to think of as family. I have two beautiful children and an incredible husband of over 15 years to come home to after hanging with Stephen and the band.