Michael Logan Hill - Bass Guitar

I am the oldest member of the band,, and I am dang proud of that fact. I started loving music at a very young age. My Mother tells a story of me standing on the dinner table, shaking it up to Hound Dog.
I learned to play in Jr. High in Rockford Ill. I was a member of the band and orchestra. I played coronet, later French Horn. My dad was in the Marines so every two years we moved, when we settled in I would be back in a new school, and a new band. I was a natural to go on the road when I got older..lol

I have played and toured most of my life, and I have always had a love for Elvis and his music. In 2001 I had to have By-pass surgery on my heart. I really had given up the idea of playing anymore, but you know God can open doors for you, and that is what he did for me when I was given the opportunity to play with Stephen. Through Stephen, I felt that love of music that I hadn,t felt in a long time. I made new friends, friends that I am honored to have and to perform with, Chuck,Wanda,Tim,Casey,Mike, Stan, Deb, and Reggie. I could list all the places I have played and done, but instead of that I look forward to seeing the new faces and places that playing with Stephen takes me,,, Michael

Michael is also a photographer.  Visit his photography site at www.michaelofthecarolinas.com